9th & 10th Horse Cavalry Association (Buffalo Soldiers)

​They honor and remember the proud history of the Buffalo Soldiers through community service and support of military personnel, both active and retired. They have a role in erecting statues, monuments, and historic markers​ throughout American commemorating these great patriots.

Chapters throughout the USA.

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Why African American National Park Event Matters

The absence of African Americans in our parks has been widely publicized. The event founder explains the benefits of being out in nature, protecting and securing our vital natural resources.

            Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park

Allen Allensworth was born a slave in Kentucky in 1842 He was sold for trying to learn to read/write. He joined the Navy during the Civil War, was ordained a Baptist Minister in 1871, learned of the need for African American Chaplains in the armed services and got an appointment as Chaplain of the 24th Infantry. He served with our Private Jim Hall in Cuba in 1899. In 1908 he helped establish the first African American funded, founded and governed community in Tulare, CA.

                     Outdoor Afro 

                      Where black people and nature meet. 

Celebrating and inspiring African American connections to nature

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         Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club

​They claim no territory and aren't a 1% club. They take their colors, and club, seriously. Their colors pay homage to the 9th & 10th Cavalry who sacrificed their lives so this country can be what it is today. Chapters throughout the USA.

Which Parks aren't relevant to black history?

​A black former park ranger talks about diversity in our public lands

                   California Buffalo Soldiers

The only organization in the USA that wears the uniform of the Reconstruction Era. Their uniform is that worn by the the Buffalo Soldiers in our National Parks in 1899, 1903 & 1904. Their presence in Ranger Shelton Johnson's film "Yosemite Through The Eyes of A Buffalo Soldier, 1903" was vital to the success of the film as it provided authenticity with the soldiers in the background.

   National Parks Service

The greatest resource for information about California's Historic Buffalo Soldier Trail and their works in Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon National Parks.